Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nasi Goreng Udang (Indonesian Fried Rice)


500 gr     white rice (from yesterday)
75 gr       red chili
80 gr       shallot
30 gr       garlic
20 gr       tomato ketchup (kimball)
150 gr     Earthbound Farm Frozen Vegetables
150 gr     Jumbo Prawn (waitrose)
50 gr       Butter


  1. defrost frozen vegetables by using running water in a bowl
  2. blend shallot, garlic, tomato kethup, red chili until smooth
  3. heat butter in a nontsick pan and saute all the blended ingredients until flavorful
  4. put prawn inside and cook until color change for a bout 10 minutes
  5. add white rice and stir well until all the sauces are well mixed in the rice
  6. check seasoning
  7. serve hot accompanied by Prawn Cracker
  8. happy cooking...


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