Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nasi Goreng Udang (Indonesian Fried Rice)


500 gr     white rice (from yesterday)
75 gr       red chili
80 gr       shallot
30 gr       garlic
20 gr       tomato ketchup (kimball)
150 gr     Earthbound Farm Frozen Vegetables
150 gr     Jumbo Prawn (waitrose)
50 gr       Butter


  1. defrost frozen vegetables by using running water in a bowl
  2. blend shallot, garlic, tomato kethup, red chili until smooth
  3. heat butter in a nontsick pan and saute all the blended ingredients until flavorful
  4. put prawn inside and cook until color change for a bout 10 minutes
  5. add white rice and stir well until all the sauces are well mixed in the rice
  6. check seasoning
  7. serve hot accompanied by Prawn Cracker
  8. happy cooking...


Baso Daging (Indonesian Meatball Soup)


2 kg       ground beef
400 gr   tapioka starch
200 gr   flour all purpose
6 pcs    chicken egg
10 gr     sugar
10 gr     salt
10 gr     white pepper powder
100 gr   garlic (blender)
200 gr   shallot (blender)
10 gr     coriander powder
100 gr   beef stock powder
25 gr     lemon grass (press the edge)
5 gr       bay leaves
100 gr   scallion (thin sliced)
100 gr   fried shallot


  1. heat oil and saute blended shallot and garlic until brown
  2. place ground beef, flours, sugar, salt, pepper, sauted ingredients, coriander in a bowl and mix well
  3. add egg then mix again until becoming like a dough consistency (set aside for 24 hrs)
  4. boil water and add beef stock, lemon grass and bay leaves
  5. mix the "baso" dough and put a bunch of dough in your palm and press it through your thumb and point finger (automatically it will turn into a ball)
  6. boil "baso" for about 15-20 minutes until it floats on the top
  7. check seasoning (the clear soup)
  8. pour over the soup, baso, scallion, and fried shallot in a bowl together with the liquid (pok coy is optional)
  9. serve hot and accompanied with tapioka cracker from neighbour market
  10. happy cooking....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beef Martabak (Indonesian Crispy Beef Cake)

200 gr   Flour All Purpose
4 pcs    Chicken Egg
80 gr     Water

2 kg       Ground Beef
5 pcs    Duck Egg
100 ml   Vegetable Oil
100 gr   Scallion (Sliced)
50 gr     Garlic (Chopped) (Cincang Kasar)
50 gr     Shallot (Chopped) (Cincang Kasar)
15 gr     Ginger (Chopped) (Cincang Kasar)
10 gr     Red Chili (Sliced) (Iris Tipis)
10 gr     Beef Stock
25 gr     Ground Turmeric
10 gr     Ground Coriander
5 gr       Ground White Pepper
5 gr       Table Salt

  1. Mix well all the skin Batter until reach like a pancake texture (not too thick, not too light)
  2. Heat Nonstick Pan with margarine/butter, pour a glass of skin batter and flatten like a Crepes alike, cook until half cooked
  3. Heat oil, saute beef and cook until brown
  4. Add turmeric, coriander, pepper, beef stock then saute until well flavor then set a side (after cooked)
  5. Mix cooked beef with other ingredients for filling
  6. Heat oil in non stick pan, and then place martabak skin and pour over the filling, fold it (triangle/square shape) and let it cook and color well
  7. (check by pressing the middle part to see if it is cooked or not *cooked one will bounce back)
  8. Cook one by one depending on the size or your pan
  9. Serve hot with cold white rice
  10. Happy cooking....

Ayam Kecap (Indonesian Chicken Soy)


2 kg       chicken thigh
100 ml   corn oil
50 gr     milk powder
10 gr     sugar
100 gr   sweet soy sauce
100 gr   tomato ketchup
50 gr     butter
25 gr     lemon grass (crush the butt)
50 gr     garlic
200 gr   shallot
25 gr     ginger
10 gr     red chili
5 gr       bay leave
25 gr     turmeric powder
10 gr     coriander powder
5 gr       white peppercorn powder
5 gr       salt iodize

Cara membuat:

  1. cut crosswise the thight (but not too deep)
  2. marinate chicken with salt, pepper, turmeric, coriander, milk powder and sugar, then set a side for 1 hour before cooking
  3. blend shallot, garlic, ginger, red chili until smooth
  4. heat oil in a pot and fry the marinated chicken until brown and caramelized
  5. add lemon grass and blended items then saute together with the chicken using medium heat
  6. let the ingredients cook then add sweet soy sauce, tomato ketchup and butter
  7. cook for another 10 more minutes or until the sauce thick enough
  8. taste the seasoning
  9. serve hot with cold white rice
  10. happy cooking....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gulai Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Curry)


2 kg       Chicken Thigh
100 ml   Corn Oil
50 gr     Milk Powder
10 gr     White Sugar
100 gr   Coconut Powder
10 gr     Chicken Stock
25 gr     Lemon Grass (Crush the End)
50 gr     Garlic
200 gr   Shallot
25 gr     Ginger
5 gr       Bayleave
25 gr     Ground Turmeric
10 gr     Ground Coriander
5 gr       Ground White Pepper
5 gr       Table Salt


  1. Cut crosswise the chicken thigh (but not too deep)
  2. Marinate chicken with (salt, pepper, turmeric, coriander, milk powder, and sugar) let it marinate for 1 hour
  3. Blend (shallot, garlic and ginger) until smooth
  4. Heat oil in a deep pot and fry the marinated chicken until Brown and Caramelized
  5. Sprinkle coconut powder (replaceable with coconut cream/milk) chicken powder and Saute until it release nice flavor for about 5 minutes 
  6. Pour over water and let it boil
  7. After the water boiling, simmer and reduce the liquid until reach half of it (become thicker)
  8. Double check seasoning
  9. Serve hot with cold white rice
  10. Happy cooking....