Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baso Daging (Indonesian Meatball Soup)


2 kg       ground beef
400 gr   tapioka starch
200 gr   flour all purpose
6 pcs    chicken egg
10 gr     sugar
10 gr     salt
10 gr     white pepper powder
100 gr   garlic (blender)
200 gr   shallot (blender)
10 gr     coriander powder
100 gr   beef stock powder
25 gr     lemon grass (press the edge)
5 gr       bay leaves
100 gr   scallion (thin sliced)
100 gr   fried shallot


  1. heat oil and saute blended shallot and garlic until brown
  2. place ground beef, flours, sugar, salt, pepper, sauted ingredients, coriander in a bowl and mix well
  3. add egg then mix again until becoming like a dough consistency (set aside for 24 hrs)
  4. boil water and add beef stock, lemon grass and bay leaves
  5. mix the "baso" dough and put a bunch of dough in your palm and press it through your thumb and point finger (automatically it will turn into a ball)
  6. boil "baso" for about 15-20 minutes until it floats on the top
  7. check seasoning (the clear soup)
  8. pour over the soup, baso, scallion, and fried shallot in a bowl together with the liquid (pok coy is optional)
  9. serve hot and accompanied with tapioka cracker from neighbour market
  10. happy cooking....

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